Elizabeth M. Humes, MA LMHC CEDS - Therapy for Adolescents, Individuals and Couples


Today, you have taken an important step towards freeing yourself from the hurts and pains of life.  Or perhaps, you just need help to move forward in clarifying your future goals. Whether you need counseling or coaching for your future, moving forward in life and taking that first step towards healing is available for you today!  

 Counseling is a huge step to take and change can be hard work.  Most of us think things will just work out without any help... But honestly, we are just not made that way!  With the incredible knowledge we have available today, there is the opportunity  for real and permanent change.  Our growth only happens in relating to each other and a great counseling relationship can bring about the needed healing  so that we can  become the best we can be.   

 If you are realizing that the hurts, grief, and emotional pain can’t be ignored any longer because it is affecting your ability to live a life of joy, peace and love for others; then I am glad you're here, because it means that you are ready for change!    

 In Your Service,    

 Elizabeth M Humes, MA, LMHC, CEDS

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